2015-12-25 14:06

Preface for Safe Payment

       ●  Payment Security

               You can trustingly purchase products through KHBUY’s payment system for it’s designed to protect your 

               personal payment information.

       ●  Various Payment Methods

               Except for traditional payment methods, we also offer new online payment methods such as AsiaWeiLuy for 

               your convenience. There are 5 kinds of payment methods:

          (1)  AsiaWeiLuy: a mobile payment service provider that allows customers (individuals and businesses) to transfer, deposit and withdraw 

                 money between each other in Cambodia, via any mobile phone, at low cost. KHBUY applies it to simplify the process of payment 

                 and offer you a convenient way to purchase. For more details, please click Payment Method—AsiaWeiLuy.

          (2)  KhBuy Wallet: You are also able to purchase products by our new product -- KHBUY Shopping Card. It’s used in the same way 

                 as mobile phone recharging card - filling the card number and password. KHBUY Shopping Cards are available at every KHBUY Agent counter through the whole Cambodia. Shopping Cards are available at $10, $20, $50 and $100 value. Recharge your KHBUY Wallet in your personal account Shopping Card. For more details, please click Payment Method—KhBuy Wallet.

          (3)  Bank transfer: If you prefer a more traditional payment method, we also offer bank transfer for you to pay your bills. For more 

                 details, please click Payment Method—Bank Transfer.

          (4)  Cash on Delivery: When you select products in official stock stores and the delivery address is in Phnom Penh, you can choose 

                 Cash on Delivery and you are able to pay for the products after you have received them. Please click Cash on Delivery or 

                 ការទូទាត់ជាសាច់ប្រាក់នៅពេលដឹកជញ្ចូន to know more. 

          (5) Wing: If you have a Wing account and prefer to use it, we offer Wing payment method for you to pay the bills. For more information, 

                please click Paymend Method——Wing.

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