How to Consult About Products

2015-12-22 14:38

How to Consult About Products?

     When you are shopping on KHBUY, you may find something you like in stores and want to purchase the products. Though the seller offers 

     clear images from almost every angle of the products and detailed information about them, you may still have several questions. If you do, 

     please feel free to ask the seller.

     1.  Enter the page of your chosen product. Scroll down and you will see “Questions and Answers” in the same column as “Product Details” is.


     2.   Click “Questions and Answers” and you will see the page as follows. You can skim other buyers’ questions and answers and leave your 

     own ones. Fill in the “Consult Content” with your questions in details for better understandings, for example, size, color, style, delivery and 

     so on. Please note that you are able to post your questions anonymously. Don’t forget to click “Post Questions”.


    Your questions will be answered as soon as possible and please wait in patience.

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