2015-12-16 11:01

Preface for Seller Guide

     Welcome to KHBUY (, the first online shopping website in Cambodia. Here you can sell all your products online instead 

     of in a real store. We offer a complete and advanced IT platform for you to display your products; safe and convenient payment methods for 

     you to receive customers’ payment; fast and various types of shipment for you to send your products. What’s more, different sales activities 

     such as super deals, group buying and seckill are used to promote your products and store. What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

     1.   If you want to sell your products on KHBUY, you need to register the seller on our website. Click Register Seller to learn how to 

     become KHBUY seller.

     2.   After you become a seller, you are going to run your own store on KHBUY. It’s very important to show your products in every respect to 

     your customers—images from different angles, proper price, various choices of colors and sizes, etc. If you want to know how to post your 

     products, please click Post Products.

     3.   When customers view your products and choose something they like to purchase, they will create orders which contain the product 

     information and customers’ contact information. Then you need to deliver the products to your customers, click How to Ship Products 

     to find out how to do it.

     4.   If you want to hold some activities to attract more customers to your store, you can try super deals to sell products at a relatively lower 

     price. To find out how to start super deals, please click How to Manage Super Deals.

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