2015-12-16 10:45

Preface for Customer Guide

     Welcome to KHBUY (, the first online shopping website in Cambodia. Here, you can buy products you like from all over

     the world just by clicking your mouse or tapping on your phone.

     1.   Before you purchase products on KHBUY, you need to become one of the members on our website. KHBUY members can take part 

     in many activities, for example, Lucky Draw and Super Deals. If you want to know how to register our member, please click 

     Become a Member.

     2.   KHBUY has contained various types of products and you can find what you want and what you like on our website. No matter whether 

     you have target products or not, our website will help you get what you are keen on. If you want to know how to search for products, please 

     click Search Products.

     3.   After you have chosen the products you like, you need to submit the order and then pay for it. If you want to know how to submit 

     an order, please click Place an Order.

     4.   For your convenience, we offer 3 different kinds of payment methods to you and the payment instructions are as follows.

           For AsiaWeiLuy, please click Payment Method——AsiaWeiLuy;

           For deposit, please click Payment Method——Shopping Card;

           For bank transfer, please click Payment Method——Bank Transfer;

           For Cash on Delivery, please click Cash On Delivery or ការដឹកជញ្ចូនជាសាច់ប្រាក់;

           For Wing, please click Payment Method——Wing.

     5.   Suppose you have purchased lots of products on KHBUY and you want to check their present condition, you can directly view your 

     orders on our website. If you want to know how to do it, please click View Orders.

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