2015-11-19 14:45

How to Refund/Return

     1.   If you have finished the payment and the products haven’t been shipped yet, you are able to cancel the order and apply for refund directly 

          on our website.

          (1)Log in your account and click your account name. You will see the order information on the left. Choose “All Orders”.


          (2)Find the order you want to cancel and click “Cancel Order”.


          (3)Fill in the reasons for refund and click “Submit”.


          (4)Then the condition of the product will be changed into “In Refund&Return”. Please wait for admin’s approval.


     2.   If your order has been processed and the product has been shipped, you cannot cancel the order immediately. Please wait for the 

           product’s arrival.

     3.   After you have received the product, you are able to apply for refund and return depending on different situations.

         ·   You are able to return the product and get the refund due to issues caused by KHBUY Chain Stores.

         ·   If you want to return the product for personal reasons, you can only send back the product purchased in Cambodia and you need to pay 

              the freight costs.

         (1)Find the order you want to refund/return in the order list. Click “Refund&Return”.


         (2)Fill in the information for return/refund and pay attention to application type and quantity to check if it’s correct. Then submit your 



     Please contact our customer service if the products you receive are with quality issues, in wrong size or color. Please wait for admin’s 

    approval patiently after you submit your application. We will process it as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation!

     For more details about refund/return, please read After-sale Policy.


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