Place an Order

2015-11-17 12:01

How to Place an Order

     1.  After searching and finding your product, you can thoroughly read the details and choose the colorsize and quantity of the product you 

          want. You can purchase it by clicking on "Buy Now", "Add to Cart" or "Call to Order".

        Buy Now”——you are able to pay for the product immediately.

         Add to Cart”——you just add your favorite product to the shopping cart and you can continually add more products before the 


         Call to Order——you could call to tell us the item code of the product, and well place order for you. Besides, its cash on delivery.


         When you finish adding your products to the cart, you can pay for them in one time. Click My Cart in the top right conner and then 

        choose View Cart.


     2.   Then, the page will show as the picture below. You can see “My Cart”, and you can modify the quantity of the selected products.


          Click on “Checkout” at the bottom, and you will see “Fill in and Confirm Order Info”.

    First, you will see the Item List as shown below. You can leave a message to the seller or enter your coupon code if you have one.


    Then, scroll down the page, you can see Payment Method and Payment Currency, and you need to choose your payment method.


      3.   Next, you will see the page of "Shipping Info". Now you need to input some basic information, including your contact name, phone

           number, and the detailed address for the product's delivery. After you have finished, please click on "Save Shipping Info" and "Submit

           Order" to go on.


     4.   Then you need to confirm the payment.  Please enter your trading password and click on "Confirm Payment" at the buttom if you have

           decided to buy the product.


     5. If you see the page below, you have finished shopping successfully! Please wait for the seller to process.


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